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Road Nails
Road Runner TCA supply a wide variety of road nails for their clamps to suit the individual's survey requirements. Different road types, levels of traffic and even weather conditions will affect the nails used and we have included nails to cover all eventualities. If you are unsure of your needs please ask us for advice before buying. Please note when ordering: Parker Kalon nails, RR-Type Drive Screws and Hilti HPS screw & plugs will reqire 0.25" nail holes in clamps. Tower nails and Hilti NK nails will require 0.14" nail holes.

Tower Road Nails
Tower Road Nails
A smooth shafted masonry nail.
Austempered high carbon steel with an outer zinc plating for corrosion resistance.
Use with road clamps with 0.140" nail holes.
0.144" Diameter with available lengths: 40, 50, 60, 80, 90 & 100mm.
Catalogue number:
length 40mm: CA203    length 80mm: CA206
length 50mm: CA204    length 90mm: CA207
length 60mm: CA205    length 100mm: CA208
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